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AAA Car Insurance

Having car insurance from AAA is an instant benefit in more ways than one. The first advantage goes to new customers who decide to switch their car insurance. They have the opportunity to save hundreds per year while gaining the many privileges enjoyed by AAA members. To simplify the transition process, AAA provides six quotes from well-recognized insurance companies across the nation. This gives a person the opportunity to evaluate price differences without doing their own extensive research. What they will find is a significant difference between AAA and other major insurance companies. Not only does AAA offer better rates, they also have better services and more opportunities to save.

AAA Auto Club members receive discounts on shopping, travel, entertainment, home services, and more. They can even receive discounts on auto repair services at participating facilities. Members who become insurance customers are eligible to receive additional discounts on their car insurance rates. They can add to these discounts by purchasing additional policies through AAA insurance. Unlimited discounts and superb coverage is why this company is the most trusted auto club in America. Customers feel satisfied with their coverage because it combines the best road assistance with the best ways to save on expenses related to travel, shopping, and entertainment.

AAA Car Insurance Discounts and Incentives

The same discounts enjoyed by AAA members are available to their insurance customers. Along with roadside assistance, customers receive the best discounts at participating retailers and service providers. Over 160,000 retailers allow members to save instantly at their shops. Members can save on hotels, car rentals, plane tickets, and vacation packages also.

Dining Discounts – Members can save 10 percent or more at restaurants and sports bars when they show their card. Finding participating restaurants requires a person to perform an online search through their website. One can save on everything from pizza and subs to entrees at exclusive restaurants.

Shopping Discounts – Members can save big and receive free coupons from a number of well-known retailers. It is possible to find savings between 10 and 50 percent. Retailers include clothing stores, convenient stores, flower shops, online retailers, and more.

Travel Discounts – Members can save hundreds on travel and vacation expenses at participating locations. One can use their AAA membership card to reduce the cost of their plane, train, and cruise tickets. Discounts are also available from top-rated hotels, car rental locations, and long-term parking lots.

Health and Home Services – Members can save on services related to home improvement and health care. Significant medical and optical prescription savings are available. Members can also save on home installation services, moving services, storage services, phone services and cable T.V. services.

Types of Insurance Available from AAA Car Insurance

AAA provides full coverage and liability insurance for personal and commercial vehicles. The amount of coverage provided depends on the age and condition of the vehicle. The drivers age, gender and marital status can also affect the amount of coverage as well as the policy rate. This review will list the basic types of coverage provided by AAA.

  • Auto Liability and Bodily Injury – This insurance covers the cost of repairs incurred by the opposing vehicle in a collision. It also covers the second-party’s medical costs if they sustained any bodily injuries. If the person decides to file a lawsuit, this insurance will cover the legal representation and court expenses.
  • Personal Liability – If an accident should occur, this insurance will cover the medical expenses of the driver under the policy. It also covers the passengers in the vehicle who sustained injuries. Lost wages, rehabilitation services, and funeral costs are covered as well.
  • Collision Coverage – This insurance covers the damage incurred by a vehicle that was in a collision with a moving or non-moving object. It also covers the damage done by potholes. The policy covers vehicle rollover as well. The driver does not have to be faultless in order to receive reimbursement.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – This insurance covers damages and losses due to uncontrolled situations such as fire, theft, vandalism, floods, natural disasters, and hail. It also covers the damage incurred by animals and objects suddenly appearing on the road like trash from a garbage truck or a deer jumping in front of the vehicle.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist – This insurance covers the damage caused by an uninsured or hit-and-run driver. It also covers the cost if the driver at fault does not have enough insurance to pay the damage costs. The coverage extends to family members and passengers who were injured in the accident as well

How to contact AAA Car Insurance

Individuals can receive an AAA car insurance quote online, by phone, or in person. To receive an online quote, visit and fill in the box labeled zip code. This directs customers to the website location that serves their region. If a person prefers to visit a physical location, they can find one by going to the website and clicking the link marked AAA locations. This will show them the names and addresses of the locations near their zip code. It will also give them the hours of operation, phone number, and driving directions to the site.

To contact AAA car insurance by phone, call 800-222-1134 for membership services. For new insurance policy information, call 877-288-4546. For existing policyholders, the number is 800-891-4222. For emergency road service 24hrs/7days, call 800-AAA-HELP (800-222-4357).

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