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Farmers Car Insurance

Types of Insurance Available from Farmers Car Insurance

Farmers offer the typical car and truck insurance, but it also insures various types of motorcycles and recreational vehicles. Farmers partners with Foremost to provide the motorcycle insurance. Foremost is a leading specialty insurance company. The motorcycle coverage covers very intricate items such as accessories, safety gear and more. The types of motorcycles that are eligible for coverage include cruisers, touring bikes, custom bikes, classic bikes and sport bikes. As far as recreational vehicles go, Farmers insures all terrain vehicles, travel trailers, RVs, collector cars, as well as boats. Farmers car insurance really appreciates the needs of a family by extending coverage to many optional vehicle types.

Farmers Car Insurance Benefits

Farmers car insurance offers its customers many advantages and benefits. They take pride in offering a high-quality level of service. In doing so, they adopted HelpPoint Claim Services in 2010. This service is a Farmers company, but it was created to specialize on client’s claims. HelpPoint processes the claims for all Farmer insurance companies. HelpPoint employs over 12,000 claims representatives to serve the client promptly and efficiently. They can be reached 24/7. Mobile claims centers are dispatched out when disaster strikes. Mobile claim centers are focused on providing high quality service in a high volume setting.

Farmers Car Insurance Discounts and Incentives

Discounts and incentives are immeasurable at Farmers car Insurance. Specifically, there are several driver discounts that one may be eligible for. Those drivers discounts include safe driver discounts and good student driver discounts. Students simply need to be enrolled on a full-time basis and carry a B average. Safe driver discounts apply when a driver has not received any moving citations or has not been in any accidents.
Now, let us examine the various vehicle discounts that Farmers car insurance offer. Homeowners qualify for a discount on their policy if they have home insurance coverage with Farmers as well. Multi-car discounts apply when a driver has two or more vehicles insured through Farmers car insurance. A new vehicle is typically a car that is not older than three years old.

Certain occupational groups receive discounts. If you are a doctor, nurse, dentist, teacher, police officer, or firefighter, you will typically receive a discount. There are various other occupations that are eligible and the customer simply needs to make Farmers car insurance aware of it when starting a new policy. Typically, verification may be requested.

When your vehicle has safety features, Farmers car insurance typically rewards you for this by offering a discount. Safety features may include the Onstar or Lojack device. Other devices qualify for the discount. The customer simply has to speak to a Farmers agent to inquire as to its applicability and any relevant discounts.
New parents are eligible for a discount. That is right. If you just brought home a newborn, you may be eligible for a discount. Certain requirements and/or verification may be requested. Simply contact your Farmers car insurance agent to inquiry about this discount if it is applicable to you.
Farmers car insurance offer unique state-specific discounts to its customers. Customers will likely be impressed by the extent of discounts offered that apply specifically to the state they live in. For example, customers in Georgia enjoy additional discounts including distant student discounts, auto/renters discounts, advance purchase discounts, auto/home discounts, three-year accident free discounts, and many more. The list is exhaustive, and customers are bound to find one or more discounts that will reasonably reduce their premium.

Customers with college students studying away from home will be thrilled about the distant student discount. This discount applies when a customer’s college aged child is studying at least 100 miles away from home and is under 23 years old. If the child does not have regular access to any of the insured vehicles and meets the other requirements, the parent may be eligible for this discount.

Farmers car insurance truly analyzes the typical circumstances of a family and offers a discount to accommodate most family circumstances. Whether it is a temporary situation or not, the customer benefits by seeing a reduction in their premiums.

How to Contact Farmers Car Insurance

When one wants to contact, Farmers for potential deals on a new policy there are sever options to choose from. One can submit an email through their website. Alternatively, one can call 1-800-327-6377 to locate the nearest agent. For claims assistance one must call HelpPoint at 1-800-435-7764. Customers may access the internet to obtain an online insurance quote.

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