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The General Car Insurance

Purchasing car insurance is mandatory in every state to drive on highways and roadways. There is no shortage of car insurance providers to accommodate this need, regardless of one’s circumstances. The insurance industry uses several factors when determining rates for a potential customer. These may include driving record, age, income, credit score and type of vehicle. With these factors, an insurance company may approve coverage, deny coverage or charge excessively high premiums for a car insurance policy. Fortunately, there are some companies like The General Car Insurance (The General), which offers car insurance at affordable prices for most drivers.

Since 1963, The General Car Insurance has provided customers with quality service and insurance products that meet state minimum standards and more. Whether liability coverage or hard to insure drivers The General has auto insurance policies with adequate coverage limits at affordable prices.

The General Car Insurance Benefits

There are many benefits to selecting The General Car Insurance. Low down payments, monthly premium payments and efficient claims processing are some of the main reasons to choose The General.

Families are facing tighter budgets, yet need to maintain car insurance for transportation purposes. Most insurance companies require a down payment to write an insurance policy. Each policyholder receives low down payment options. By offering convenient ways of accepting payments, customers do not have to wait to receive insurance coverage. A low down payment is enough to start a policy.

Customers also have the convenience of making monthly insurance policy, rather than paying the full policy premium upfront. This budget-sensitive method is a way to have manageable payments, reducing the need to delay or negate payment.

Accidents can happen, even with the most conscientious driver. While a good driving record can help in receiving low insurance premiums, The General understands that a customer’s life can suddenly change after a car accident.

The claims process at The General focuses on quality customer service to ensure each customer can resolve claims promptly and accurately.

Another benefit of The General is the fast, anonymous quotes anyone can receive online. Many people like to comparison shop on their terms without the pressure of a salesperson. The General offers online quotes from anywhere in the country without any obligation to purchase an insurance policy.

The General Car Insurance Discounts and Incentives

The General Car Insurance company offers many discounts and incentives to policyholders. Discounts are a remarkable way to keep car insurance premiums low. When a consumer receives an online quote, every eligible discount is included. Most are typically available to all customers, although some discounts may vary among states.

Most customers who owns a home qualifies for the Homeowner Discount by providing proof of ownership.

The Transfer Discount is available when a potential customer has maintained liability insurance for at least six months.

Owning more than one car is beneficial beyond flexibility and freedom in the family. Policyholders can qualify for the Multiple Car Discount by insuring more than car with The General.

An incentive for paying premiums in full or quarterly apply to certain payment plans.

The Select Driver Discount is for multiple drivers on the same policy with clean driving records. A combined five years of driving without a driver’s license suspension or revocation within three years qualifies for this discount. Additionally, major driving violations, not more than one moving violation within three years qualify. This includes at-fault accidents, where the person named on the policy caused the accident.

Senior drivers over 60 and over can qualify for a Senior Driver Training Discount with proof of an approved accident prevention course. Every driver who has no minor violations or accidents within two years may receive this discount.

Policyholders have the option to restrict insurance coverage to persons named on the initial application for insurance. This narrows The General’s risk and passes some savings on to customers who participate in this discount program.

In addition to the minimum car insurance coverage, The General also offers collision and comprehensive coverage, which is discussed below in more detail. Customers may elect to double deductible amounts for the first 45 days of the policy period and receive a discount in the total premium.

Types of Insurance Available at The General Car Insurance

Generally, standard car insurance policies can have up to four different types of coverage. Liability coverage protects the policyholder of a covered vehicle for personal injury or property claims. With medical payments coverage, any medical expenses incurred by the policyholder, family member or covered driver is paid according to the coverage limit.

When an uninsured motorist causes an accident, the policyholder is unable to recover any damages. Uninsured motorist coverage pays for the physical injury or property damage that an uninsured motorist causes.

Comprehensive and collision coverage guarantees payment for damages to a covered vehicle regardless to who causes the accident. Typically, financial institutions that finance a car require drivers to maintain comprehensive and collision coverage.

How to Contact The General Car Insurance

Potential customers can visit The General’s website to review the discount, services and deals offered by the company. A free online quote is available on the website. The General also has a toll free number: 866-519-7422.

Offices are located in Louisiana and Ohio. Company headquarters are in Nashville, Tennessee. The address is 2636 Elm Hill Pike, Suite 510, Nashville, Tennessee 37214.

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