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USAA Car Insurance

Types of Insurance Available from USAA Car Insurance

USAA offers many types of insurance when it comes to motor vehicles. Of course, they insure cars and trucks. Through USAA’s General Agency, it also insures recreational vehicles including motorcycles, mopeds, and all-terrain vehicles. Pleasure boats and watercrafts is another type of insurance that USAA’s General Agency offers. Motors homes are also provided for. USAA offers specific agreed-value collector car insurance for those timeless collector cars.

USAA Car Insurance Benefits

USAA car insurance offers its policyholders may advantages and benefits. Among those is the exceptional level of service. USAA has been listed on Bloomberg’s Business week “Customer Service Champ” list in 2006 through 2009. USAA car insurance is innovative and technologically perceptive. They provide their policyholders with full access to their policies via a secure website as well as through any mobile device. Policyholders are truly in control at all times, in all places. USAA car insurance provides roadside assistance to its policyholders in any vehicle they drive. Exceptional claims service is definitely a benefit for USAA policyholders. They have access to over 2,300 approved locations nationwide for car repairs. USAA car insurance offers an exclusive benefit, USAA Auto Circle. This benefit allows policyholders to find, finance and insure their next vehicle in one transaction. Policyholders may realize significant savings by utilizing this all-inclusive approach to buyer their new car. With USAA’s guaranteed renewal program allows policyholders to remain continuously covered if some basic requirements are met. No need to call for renewal rates or to initiate a review of their policy; USAA car insurance automatically takes care of this each year.

USAA Car Insurance Discounts and Incentives

Discounts and incentives are limitless at USAA. By switching to USAA car insurance, drivers are rewarded by a multitude of possible discounts. Let us begin with driver discounts. If a driver maintains a good driving record for more than five years, they may realize significant discounts on their policies with USAA. Drivers may complete a defensive driving course and receive an additional discount. Drivers may complete driving courses to obtain a discount. In addition, let us not forget our student’s good grades. Those good grades may transform into significant savings on the policy.

Now, let us delve into the various vehicle discounts that USAA car insurance offer. By insuring a new vehicle, the policy may qualify for new vehicle discounts. A new vehicle is considered a car that is no more than three years old. For those drivers that do not spend much time behind the wheel, you may be eligible for the low mileage discount. This discount is based on the number of miles driven per year. If a policyholder insures two or more vehicles with USAA car insurance, they may be eligible for a multi-vehicle discount. A last discount that we will mention can be quite significant for policyholders that have multiple cars within their household. Policyholders may be eligible for storage discounts when the vehicle is stored for a certain amount of time and meets basic requirements. Policyholders may save up to 80%.

USAA car insurance also provides several benefits and advantages that are specific with the vehicle that is insured. For example, recreational vehicles are seasonally priced so that the coverage is extended to the entire year but the pricing is based on the time that the vehicle is typically operated which usually amounts to less than the entire year. The transport trailers that carry these recreational vehicles are usually covered for up to $10,000 physical damage. Custom parts are typically covered up to $30,000.

When insuring a boat, USAA extends discounts to experienced operators and to operators that have completed safety training. Additionally, when multiple watercrafts are insured, policyholders are eligible for a multi-watercraft discount.

If insuring a motor home, policyholders receive the advantage of seasonal pricing. Meaning that, the premium is based on the season that the vehicle is placed in operation, not the entire year. Policyholders may see significant savings as a result of this.

Collector cars are automatically awarded a yearly 2% inflation increase up to 8%. Coverage is typically based on agreed-value amounts meaning that the coverage awarded is based on the agreed upon value not considering depreciation. Drivers may also select a mileage plan for vehicles that are rarely driven. Any additional enhancements to collector cars are automatically added to the coverage.

How to Contact USAA Car Insurance

When researching for potential deals on a new insurance policy, consider USAA car insurance. Potential policyholders may obtain an online insurance quote in the comfort of their own home. If live interaction is preferred, you may contact USAA via email or phone. The toll-free phone number to reach a representative is 1-800-531-8722.

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